How to Measure Box Dimensions?

How to Measure Box Dimensions?

Product packaging design can never be perfect if the box measurements are incorrect.   Packaging manufacturers must learn how to measure box dimensions to ensure that the packaging is perfect. External and internal measurements enable the box manufacturer to make the exact size of the box. In this article, we will explain how to measure the box, which measurements are more accurate and how to write the dimensions of the box. Before we dive into box measurement techniques let’s see why the measurements of the box matter.

  • Boxes serve products throughout the product life cycle. It acts as a protective encasing to keep the product safe from any physical damage. Product pass through various channels before it reaches the final user and therefore they need packaging that can ensure their safety. Packaging boxes keep the product in prime condition so customers can be satisfied with their purchase. The dimension of the box is very important because over and undersize boxes fail to provide excellent protection to the product.
  • Boxes serve as your marketing tool in the market which lures the customers with their attractive look and makes them familiar with your brand name. They make your name in the market which is an automatic advantage for you over your competitors.
  • Attractive boxes entice the audiences and ignite a buying impulse in their heart.

What are the dimensions of the box?

Dimensions of the box only are accurate if the dimensions of the product are made accurately. You need a box that is specifically made for your product therefore you have to measure the product so the box can fit perfectly. Once you have the dimensions of your product you can proceed with measuring the exact time mentioned in your packaging box.   Packaging boxes can be made by exterior interior dimensions. Let’s see which of these is better and why?

External Dimensions Measurements of a Box

Many people may use the dimensions of the box from the outside which is one of the biggest mistakes while creating a packaging box. External dimensions are usually not correct because they cannot let you have a proper account of the thickness especially when we are using heavier boxes with a double wall structure. The box measured by exterior will be narrow inside which make it difficult for the product to fit in. Measuring external dimensions puts you in a race that your packaging will be so small that the product will be squeezed tightly against the container or not fit at all which will lead to damage and packaging wastage.

Interior Dimensions of Custom Box Packaging

The proper way to calculate the dimension of a box is to measure it from the internal side to make sure that the product gets a perfect fit inside the box. Interior dimension calculation is also known as volume calculation and there is a simple method to calculate it

Volume= length× width× height.

  • Length; The length of the box is the longest side of the box when you look from top
  • Width: When you look from the top the shortest side is called the width
  • Height: Height is sometimes referred to as depth and it’s the perpendicular side of the box.

How to calculate the exact dimensions of the box?

As we already explained that the dimensions are measured using the volume formula I.e. length× width× height

Box packaging provider also uses this formula while creating containers. For example, if you want a box having dimensions of ten inches long, eight inches in width, and 6 inches in height then it will be recorded as 10×8×6. Measuring with precision and knowing how to write the dimension of the box eliminates the confusion between you and your packaging company that will lead to perfect design and sized boxes.

Create Your Boxes with Accuracy

Packaging boxes are important in the product industry because this multipurpose tool provides product protection and worked as a billboard/advertising tool for the company. For measuring the dimensions of the box, you will need to accurately measure the product first so the brand can know what size it needs to make sure the product is perfectly fitting inside the box. Measure packaging boxes from the inside and customize them to bring multiple benefits to your business and increase your sales revenue.

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