What is a Dieline in Packaging & Print?

Dieline in Packaging

while designing custom boxes you might have come across the term “deline”. You must be wondering what is a dieline in packaging. Dieline Is the digital blueprint of the relevant design notes for your packaging. It is an essential part of the custom box manufacturing process because it helps you to Fulfill the packaging standards. Dieline Highlight all design and lines of the packaging in its flattened form it plays an important role in establishing your packaging expectations. It helps the designers to visualize and format artwork in a way that fits your package in expectations and designs. Dieline serves as a template for packaging. It is your canvas where you can see all sides of the box through flat construction.

Important components of Dielines

Dielines are different as they depend on the product, marketing, and final application. The various components of dieline work together to create a map of your packaging with a demonstration to show where to cut the lines and place folds. Dielines highlight the fold lines, crease lines, cut lines, bleed lines, and safety zone to guide manufacturers about cutting and printing packaging.

  • Fold lines; marked in red these lines show where the box flaps and folds. With these lines, there is no confusion in the construction of your packaging as it ensures accurate results.
  • Cut/trim lines: These lines act as a map that creates the product’s final size. These are shown as black lines.
  • Bleed lines; Lines that are an offset marker outside the cut line. These create a safe zone as they account for any movement of packaging during printing. They avoid imperfect edges due to which they are called the live zone.
  • Glue lines: These lines show where the folds of the substrate are applied with adhesives.
  • Perforated lines; These lines show where the final product can be cut off to attain certain design choices.

How to create a dieline?

The designing of a die line is the responsibility of the designer. They modified the dielines as dieline packaging trends change. Designers use different computer software design tools such as adobe illustrator to create the required dieline. The choice of any tool depends upon the designer’s personal preferences and there are no tools that are more accurate or superior to one another.

If you want to have the most accurate packaging dieline share the closest designs of the box you want with your designer. While making a dieline to make your packaging accurate and perfect make sure you fulfill the below-listed requirements.

  • Computers required mathematically describe lines due to which it is must to develop dielines vector art on computers
  • Creating a hard copy of the prototype of dieline before finalization will enable you to catch errors before the production of packaging begins.
  • Be extra careful while inputting specifications during dieline building process
  • You can create dielines with your in-house design department or can hire a professional to do the task for you.

Why dielines are important?

  • Dielines give you the first glimpse of your final packaging design. These lines provide you with a template for your artwork and design. Dieline food packaging helps manufacturers to get packaging as per their expectations.
  • Any packaging of a shipping container that bands holds requires a dieline for accurate cutting. You can use your dielines to compare your existing product with the new one to ensure that this product is according to your specifications and fulfilling all the expectations. Dielines play a crucial role in making your packaging perfect. Dielines let you do the following things without any hassle.
  • Dieline helps you create the best dimensions for your packaging which includes the weight height and scales for your packaging design looks perfect. For example with the help of die-lines you will be able to determine what your box’s exact size should be so it can be enough to protect the product but not so big that it takes up so much space and increase your packaging budget.
  • You can use different visual elements and effects during your dieline building to meet your marketing goals. Elements like logo, artwork, images, labels, text, and branding allow you to carefully align your packaging in a way that can create a ripple effect in the market for your products.
  • The prototype of your dieline allows you to determine important adjustments in your packaging design.
  • Creating a dial line allows you to incorporate feedback from the relevant parties to make your product look amazing. Your designer’s management marketing departments and legal themes give their reviews on your prototype which will make your decision easier on how to add or reduce some elements from the prototype to make it perfect.


Dieline is a collaborative effort between your designer theme your co-workers and you to make sure your creation process is amazing and you get the best product out of it. Dielines as you can see play a crucial role in the final look of your packaging so it is really important to understand what dielines are and how to create them effectively.

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