Trendy Brand Design Techniques to Promote Modern-Age Businesses

Brand design techniques change every year. You must keep up with the latest brand design techniques to stay relevant and boost your market presence.

Our branding experts have compiled a comprehensive list of the top eight brand design techniques that will light the buzz around your brand this year. Let’s explore the trendy brand design techniques and transform your brand together.

Brand Design – Why Does it Matter Today?

Let’s start with the basics. Brand design is all about using various elements and techniques to create a strong brand identity and nurture the perception and position of the brand within the consumer’s minds.

Hence, the right brand design can help your customers connect with your brand and value it. It will also help consumers choose the right brand amidst multiple options in the market.

Consider these Main Elements of Brand Design

A successful brand design is the amalgamation of multiple branding elements. Let’s discuss all of them here:

Create a simple yet memorable logo design for your brand with the best colors, aesthetics, etc.


Ensure that your website is always easy to navigate and simplified. Keep a mobile-friendly interface at the topmost priority. Include all the relevant information about your brand and its products to educate the customers and maintain transparency.

Typography & Iconography

The right typography and iconography can light up your brand into a completely new identity. Choose simple yet distinct typography and icons that will accurately represent your brand personality to the target market.

Strategic Layout

Always keep the layout of the elements simple and uncluttered. This will create a specific hierarchy and improve the user experience when they try to decipher your brand.

Business cards

Stock up on well-designed business cards to spread the word about your brand. Be it clients or customers. Create simple business cards with all the relevant information listed strategically. Keep your company logo on one side of the business card and company details on the other.

Trendy Brand Design Techniques that Last in 2024

Brand design techniques 2024 are way more interesting than you may have expected. It is a combination of so many aspects. Here are a few trending ones:

Go Minimalist!

Monochromatic colors and simple design elements are way more soothing and uncomplicated for the consumers! The clean lines and sleek appearance are always the winners over standard congested designs.

Consider the logo and brand design of Baskin Robbins. With limited colors and design elements, their brand design is unique and impactful!

Responsive Logo Design

At times, the logo design may lose the tagline or lines when resized to fit other branding elements. Hence, ensure that your logo design remains consistent across every media, size, and device. This way, everybody can easily relate to your brand or product, irrespective of the size or medium.

Express Your Stories through Designs

Connect with your audience on a level by using captivating graphics, typography, and other elements. Highlight the ultimate value that your business offers to set it apart from the industry leaders. Always be genuine and relatable in your approach!

Sustainable Branding Over Anything

Ensure that your branding elements are timeless by focusing majorly on the target audiences. This will prevent unnecessary rebranding in the future. For example, the logo design of Levis has been the same for decades.

Choose eco-friendly materials as a part of your brand design, like biodegradable packaging materials, eco-friendly printer links, and more.

Go Social

Get fun and creative for your social media! Keep the sizing of your social media posts accurate and tailor the content accordingly. Choose bold, legible, and concise text for your posts. Select interesting topics and make your brand socially responsible. This will eventually boost the engagement around your brand.

User-Centered Branding

Your brand design is for the users only. Hence, study them thoroughly. Brainstorm unique ideas according to their interests, expectations, dislikes, etc. Align it with your business goals while building consumer solutions. For example, Zomato’s brand design is catered mainly for Gen Z and millennials, who account for a majority of their user base.

Try Video and Motion Graphics

Spice up your online presence using animated videos and graphics. This will bring life to your static icons and graphics. Innovate and explore different motion graphics online and deliver something unique to your customers this year.

Brand Consistency

Starting from the tone to the overall aesthetic. Your brand must look the same on every platform. Otherwise, your customers may need help to recognize your brand when they encounter an ad or post.

Wrapping Up:

These brand design trends are here to stay in the future. Adapt to these trends fast and witness a trajectory growth of your brand in the industry.

However, such brand design techniques require professional assistance and expertise. Connect with branding experts at DesignerPeople Today, and let us set a customized brand design plan for your next launch!

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