Packaging Industry Trends 2022 and 2021

Packaging Industry trends
Packaging Industries Trends in 2022 and 2021

2022 is almost half over and now it’s easier to track consumer insights custom packaging trends and innovations for a better understanding of what’s happening in the packaging industry. Just like 2021, this year was also tricky. Businesses adopted different ways in 2021 and 2022 to fulfill their customer’s expectations. This had a direct impact on the Packaging trends in 2021 and 2022. Packaging and parcels are the physical touch points for consumers before coming in contact with the product therefore different businesses have raised the bar by switching to modern packaging trends. Businesses have now shifted from plain and simple boxes towards creative Packaging design that is an artwork to catch the consumer’s attention.

Here we are going to discuss the Packaging design trends in 2022 that create memorable brand experiences and loyal relationships among the business and its consumers. But first, let’s have a recap of what was trending in the packaging industry during 2020 and 2021.

Packaging trends changed now and then. Businesses adopt different trends according to their marketing needs and targeted audience expectation. The year 2020 was not any different for the packaging industry as the trends changed as the demand for e-commerce increased. Let’s have a look at some of the most prevalent trends during that year.

Corrugated Packaging:

The Ever-increasing online shopping during 2020 created a big market for corrugated packaging boxes. These boxes were dominant in the packaging industry due to their highly stable structure and ability to protect the products from any mishaps. In 2020 Packaging industries saw changes due to e-commerce and point of sales. Customers preferred packaging that offers them a highly protected product with a beautiful outlay.

100% Recyclable Packaging:

The focus on sustainable packaging increased at a very rapid pace during 2020 as more people are becoming aware of the harmful impacts of plastic on the surroundings. Single-use plastics were replaced by recycled able materials like Kraft and corrugated boxes to reduce packaging waste. By 2020 consumers were becoming more conscious about their Choices and were concerned about the growing pollution plastic is creating in the environment.  Businesses are trying to think out of the box to create sustainable packaging that can perfectly protect the product without damaging the environment. Kraft was seen trending during 2020 as it is made of natural wood pulp and is 100% eco-friendly.  Kraft boxes gave businesses a chance to strengthen their environment-friendly credentials and their customer’s trust.

Minimalistic Designs:

Minimalist Designs were driving the industry in 2020 because minimalistic designs allow the brand to draw the customers to focus on the elements that matter rather than confusing them with complicated designs. Businesses prefer flat illustrations over elaborated graphics. Flat illustrations are also called versatile illustration styles as these are the extension of the minimalistic zeitgeist. These illustrations were made central to the band identities so it can create a cohesive look for the consumers which will help them easily recognize their favorite brand.

Transparent Packaging Design:

In the year 2020 Business is preferred transparency to reveal what is inside the box to create authenticity for their brand image. Consumers were already tired of false and contrived advertisements therefore they wanted to lift the corporate veil and understand the product. Companies that embraced honesty, integrity, and transparency in their packaging were able to not only style their brand but also give their business a strong brand identity that help them grow increasingly in their crowded marketplace. Transparent packaging is a remedy for increasing the loyal customer base and getting a competitive edge over rivals.

Soft and Natural Color Palette:

We already discussed how minimalistic packaging was preferred in 2020. Natural and pastel Color palettes help businesses to give their packaging a soft look and step away from black and white packaging. A minimalistic design with a wider color palette helps the businesses to stand out.

Edible Packaging:

It is not a secret for anyone that the food industry is one of the most fast-paced and successful industries. Biodegradable and edible packaging was a special focus for food business owners. Edible straw and cutlery were making rounds of popularity in the packaging industry. This approach also tackles the growing problem of pollution and provides much satisfaction to eco-conscious consumers.

As with the lockdowns during the 2020 pandemic, online shopping was trending during 2021 too. Here are the 5 biggest packaging design and custom boxes trends in 2021 that help the brands successfully sell their products and maintain a position in their competitive niche.

Protective Packaging:

During 2019 and 2020 there was a vast increase in e-commerce orders due to the covid-19. Since now more items are being shipped and people rely on online shopping, People prefer packaging that keeps the products for texted from mishaps and viral exposures. 4 surfaces like cardboard seem to be more preferable when it comes to the virus as the virus stays Active only up to 24 hours on cardboard up to 3 to 4 days on plastic there for cardboard packaging is trending among the people. Porous packaging minimizes the coronavirus ability to live on the packaging and many businesses adopted materials like cardboard for their product packaging instead of plastic packaging.

Sustainable Packaging;

Sustainable packaging has been in trend for quite some time due to more people becoming aware of its effects on the environment. Around 74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging according to a report submitted by Trivium.

Clear Typography and information:

Customer is always perfect shopping therefore in 2021 packaging design were made  In a way that facilitate the audience. Graphic designs and clear typography help businesses to gain customers’ appreciation. Information about product and businesses were printed on the packaging with bold colors to catch the shopper’s eyes and increase the sales of a product.

Reveal the Products:

In 2021 customers preferred packaging that used illustrations and small windows on the top of packaging to give subtle hints about what is packed inside the box. Intricate designs art district graphics and custom windows on the boxes  Made small-scale businesses excel very rapidly in the hyper-competitive industries. Customer Expectation increased from the favorite branch to provide them with packaging that is not protective but a state of art in itself so they can happily flaunt their favorite products.

No False Promises:

Developing a good strategy for product packaging is very important for its success but  Making false promises have always been discouraging for clients. In 2021 packaging that was authentic and didn’t contain any false promises made far better sales. Authentic packaging is the key driver to connecting with targeted audiences and with their loyalty. Such packaging gives the brand a credible image and differentiated it from its rivals.

With so much competition going around in the world a business cannot afford to ignore the packaging design because no matter how awesome a product you have with your packaging that is going to make the sale. Product packaging is on the front line for the sale and customers always get interact with the packaging before they touch the product. Let’s see what packaging  Trends will instance the product packaging in 2022;

Safe and Sound Packaging:

The customer now focuses on their hygiene and prefers packaging that is safe and sound and temper evident from 2019. The going ongoing effects of the pandemic made the customer focus on safe clean and hygienic packaging.

Accessible Packaging:

Businesses are not focusing on making their products accessible to everyone regardless of their age and physical limitation to increase their sales revenue. Packaging that is easy to open and close while being temporary tent and safe is gaining traction

Sustainable Packaging:

The eco-friendly packaging trend is not going anywhere in the future because of the enormous trade of pollution created by packaging waste in the past. Packaging materials that are reusable and refillable are more preferred by consumers and retailers. These significantly improve the brand’s footprint in the surrounding. Customers now want to know how much the brands are investing and how they taking measures to satisfy the customer’s expectations. Brands need to include   Sustainable packaging and transparency in the following packaging to boost trust and quality.

Tech Savvy Packaging:

Technology is increasingly used in our daily life and customers prefer interactive packaging. Brands need to use virtual and augmented reality and smart labels in their packaging to fulfill the customer’s expectations and provide them with content that is specific to their needs and desires. Personalized packaging with tech features makes a product more prominent.

Packaging and Printing companies:

Many printing and packaging companies provide top-notch packaging services. Packaging printing services can be availed as per business packaging needs and budget. Properly packed durable packaging directly appeals to the customers and makes your product sale more effective in the market. Packaging that is made of a specific size, Flamboyant colors, artistic themes, and complete design has more chance to make your business grow at a rapid pace. Divert packaging as compared to paint boxes are more preferred by the consumer as it gives the product a high-end look. Different printing companies use several printing technologies with amazing features to ensure that the product packaging looks amazing and has the highest printing designs. Some of the most famous techniques used for printing digital, offset, and flexography.

Digital Printing:

Digital printing is mostly preferred due to its versatility precision and relatively low cost as compared to other printing techniques. These techniques work By transferring a digital image formed devices like computers or smartphones directly on a variety of media through a LaserJet printer.

Offset Printing:

With this method, an image is printed from a computer to a rubber palette and then on the surface.

Flexo Printing:

In this method of printing, rubber or plastic pallet is used to accommodate materials. Additional images are prepared and then it is laser or photochemically engraved on the materials.

If you’re looking for packaging for companies then you have come to the right place. We use digital and offset printing technology and combine it with modern printing machines to ensure that you get the best possible boxes at the most affordable rate in the whole industry. We are known for our high-quality materials and best printing technologies. Contact us today to give your product packaging they deserve to shine bright in the market

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